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The Magnet and the Iron: John Brown and George L. Stearns The Stories Behind the Busts

View Towards Medford from East Hall, 1875

Exhibit Description:
Photograph of the view towards Medford from East Hall, Tufts College. The Stearns Estate mansion is located in the trees to the middle right. The caption reads, "View toward Medford from East Hall, 1875. The railroad cut is in front of the stonewall in the foreground. The farm house of the Stearns estate is seen in the lower left corner, and the mansion house in the right center. The end chimneys of the Royall House are seen in the center of the picture and, to the left of the house, the pointed object is the summer house that at one time stood on a mound in the Royall garden."
Tufts DCA
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Tufts Digital Collections and Archives
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