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The Magnet and the Iron: John Brown and George L. Stearns The Stories Behind the Busts

John Brown Bust Cabinet Card (Litchfield Studios)

Exhibit Description:
Cabinet card featuring the John Brown bust owned by Mary E. Stearns. This cabinet card was printed by Litchfield Studios in Arlington, MA. A handwritten note on the back of the card reads, "John Brown. From the Bust taken while awaiting Execution in the Virginia Prison, by order of Mrs. George L. Stearns, October 1859. This is the only marble Bust of the Martyr, at present writing - 1919 - in the world. It was only secured by the earnest entreaty of Mrs. Stearns, for whom, and his faithful friend Mr. Stearns, he cherished warm regard. E. A. Brackett, Sculptor."
Litchfield Studios
Attribution Statement:
Courtesy of anonymous. Used by permission.
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