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The Magnet and the Iron: John Brown and George L. Stearns The Stories Behind the Busts

In Memorium: George Luther Stearns

C. 1903
Exhibit Description:
Bronze plaque memorializing George Luther Stearns, located in the Doric Hall of the Massachusetts State House in Boston. The plaque was purchased by lawmakers under Res. 1897, ch. 72. It reads: "In Memoriam: George Luther Stearns. A merchant of Boston who illustrated in his life and character the nobility and generosity of citizenship. Giving his life and fortune for the overthrow of slavery and the preservation of free institutions. To his unresting devotion and unfailing hope, Massachusetts owes the Fifty-fourth and Fifth-fifth Regiments of colored infantry, and the federal government ten thousand troops, at a critical moment in the great war. In the darkest hour of the republic, his faith in the people never wavered. Of him Whittier wrote: 'No duty could overtax him; no need his will outrun; Or ever our lips could ask him; His hands the work had done. A man who asked not to be great; But as he served and saved the state.' Born in Medford, Massachusetts, January 8, 1809. Died April 9, 1867."
Tufts University
Unknown artist
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