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The Magnet and the Iron: John Brown and George L. Stearns The Stories Behind the Busts

Antislavery Crib Quilt

19th century
Exhibit Description:
A crib quilt with a star pattern and antislavery sentiments, used by the Hallowells of West Medford. The label reads,"Child's crib quilt made by ladies sympathetic to the slaves as a means of earning money to further the Cause. This quilt was purchased at a Fair and used on the crib of Charlotte Hallowell." The quilt has a number of antislavery sayings, such as "Plead for the Slave" and a poem: "I would not have a slave to till any ground / To carry me, to fan me while I sleep, / And tremble when I wake, for all the wealth / That sinews bought & sold have ever earn'd. / Oh! let us weep with those who weep, / Beneath oppresion's crushing hand: / And in our thoughts their anguish keep / Who till in tears our guilty land."
Medford Historical Society and Museum (Massachusetts)
Attribution Statement:
Courtesy of the Medford Historical Society & Museum
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