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A Glimpse at Jackson College for Women 1910-1924

About this exhibit

This exhibit was originally staged in late 2007 by Veronica Martzahl. It was migrated to the Spotlight exhibit platform in 2018 by Sari Mauro.

Exhibit creator: Veronica Martzahl

Exhibit creation date: 2007-09 to 2007-12

This exhibit was created in partial fulfillment of the internship requirement for LIS 440 at Simmons College.

All images are under the copyrighted belong to Tufts Archival Research Center (TARC). Please see the TARC website at for information on reproducing or using images and content from this exhibit.

To learn more about Jackson College and one student's experience, we recommend visiting Muriel Simonson: The life of a student at Jackson College, 1924-1929