Women's Bodies, Women's Property German Customary Law Books Illustrated in the Fourteenth Century

Group II: Distribution of widow's inheritance

Landrecht I, 20, 2

Oldenburg 16r
Dresden 9r
Dresden 9v
Wolfenbuttel 15r
Wolfenbuttel 15v

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See "Oldenburg Sachsenspiegel" for an explanation of the law and the illustrations. It remains to be pointed out that a comparison with Dresden and Wolfenbüttel continues to give the impression that women fare better in Oldenburg. The monumentality, the imposing dwelling--the text mentions only a "building,"--and the expansive courtyard create an ambience lacking in the others. The fence in Dresden has become an imposing wall, and the building has acquired a watchman. The animals and the shears (O register 2, W register 1, omitted in D) stand for the widow's Morning Gift and her gerade (small domestic household items identified in Group VII). Since Wolfenbüttel is essentially a copy of Dresden, the Wolfenbüttel illustrator seems to know that the animals and shears belong.