Zella Luria: Leading the Charge

Personal Relationships

Zella, one of four children, was the daughter of Dora and Hyman Luria. Her family also included her husband, the acclaimed molecular biologist Salvador Luria, whom she married in 1945. Her son Daniel Luria was born in 1948.

Salvador and Zella Luria on the Beach at Spring Harbor
Family photo of Zella Luria

Outside of the classroom Zella was respected and highly regarded by colleagues.

Invitation to Zella's 70th birthday party on February 19, 1994
Letter from Zella Luria to Burton C. Hallowell outlining her activities during her half-year sabbatical in Spring, 1969.
Zella Luria's response to a call from the Tufts Criterion for faculty news and updates.

"Why? because of the human condition."

– Zella Luria, 70th birthday party invitation, February 19, 1994

She was a source of guidance, inspiration, and mentorship for current and former students throughout her life. To learn more about Professor Luria's relationships with her students, please visit Remembering Zella Luria.