Zella Luria: Leading the Charge

About This Exhibit

This exhibit was originally conceived and built as a physical exhibit and was planned and built by Robin Rapoport, Archives Assistant, in the fall of 2019. It was made into a digital exhibit in the spring of 2020 by Robin Rapoport with the assistance and oversight of Sari Mauro, Digital Collections Project Manager, and Dan Santamaria, Archives Director.

Special thanks to Daniel Luria for sharing personal photos and to Jennifer Lindeman Byrnes and Janice Westlund Bryan for their memories of Professor Luria. The call for submissions is ongoing. If you would like to contribute a memory to be displayed in the exhibit, please email the Tufts Archival Research Center at archives@tufts.edu.

Further Research

Tufts Archival Research Center holds several collections documenting Professor Luria’s life and work.

Please visit the Tufts Digital Library for details on the collections below which were used in the creation of this exhibit: