The Walter B. Wriston Archives

Committee Membership

Foreign Exchange Committee of Federal Reserve Bank

Member, 1959

Officers Retirement & Group Insurance Committee


Joint Latin American Committee of the Business Council

Member, 1961 to 1963

Commerce Committee for the Alliance for Progress

Member, 1962 to 1963

National Planning Association Committee on Overseas Development

Member, 1962

Federal Reserve Bank

Chairman, 1963 to 1967

President Kennedy’s Task Force on International Investment

Member, 1963 to 1964

European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD)

U.S. Advisory Committee, 1965

Advisory Committee on International Banking and Finance

Member, 1966 to 1969

U.S. Council of the international Chamber of Commerce

Member of Executive Committee, 1966 to 1970

Trustee, 1966 to 1970

Clearing House Committee

Alternate Member for George S. Moore, 1967

Chairman, 1970 to 1971

1980 to 1984

Council of the United States Investment Community, Inc.

Senior Advisory Committee, 1967

The American Bankers Association

Economic Policy Committee, 1968 to 1969

Governor Rockefeller’s Committee

Post Vietnam Planning Committee, 1968 to 1969

Mayor Lindsay’s Fiscal Advisory Committee

Member, 1968 to 1973

The American Bankers Association Government Borrowing Committee

Member, 1969 to 1973

Banking and Securities Industry Committee (BASIC)

Member, 1970 to 1975

National Commission on Productivity

President Nixon, 1970 to 1974

New York State Savings Bond Committee

Member, 1970

New York Urban Coalition

1970 and 1971 Fund Drive, 1970

New York Money Market

General Committee, 1971

The Earl Warren Legal Training Program, Inc.

Chairman, 1972

Advisory Committee on the International Monetary System

Member, 1973 to 1984

New York Clearing House Association

President, 1973

National Commission for Industrial Peace

President Nixon, 1973 to 1974

Council on Economic and Business Advisers

Mayor Beame, 1974 to 1977

Project Independence (President Nixon)

FEO Advisory Committee, 1974

Reserve City Bankers

Chairman, Program Committee, 1974

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Local Advisory Committee for 141st Annual Meeting, 1975

Iran-U.S. Business Council

U.S. Section, 1975

Federal Advisory Council

District Representative, 1976 to 1979

Special Task Force on Taxation (Felix G. Rohatyn)

Member, 1976

The Alliance to Save Energy (Charles H. Percy)

Board of Advisors, 1977

United Way of Tri-State, Inc.

General Campaign Chairman, 1977

U.S. Industrial Payroll Savings Committee

Banking Industry Chairman, 1978

New York State Economic Development Advisory Committee

Governor Carey, 1979

Economic Policy Coordinating Committee

President Reagan, 1980

Coalition of Service Industries, Inc.

Board of Directors, 1982

Kissinger Committee

East-West Trade, 1982

President’s Commission on Privatization

Member, 1987 to 1988