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Memories of Tufts: Donald J. Winslow (A'34) Remembers

About this exhibit

This digital exhibit was originally posted as a webpage exhibit in 2008. In 2017 it was transferred, content un-edited, to and reformatted to use Spotlight exhibit software.


Co-authors: Donald Winslow and Susanne Belovari, Archivist for Reference and Collections, DCA (now Tufts Archival Research Center), Tufts University.

Web-design and implementation of the original exhibit: Victoria Lee (A'11) based on a template design from

Exhibit transferred December, 2017 by Sari Mauro

Image Sources

The source and citation of the images in this exhibit do not exist within the exhibit and, if they existed outside of the exhibit, have been lost. If you know the source of the images, or wish to contest the inclusion of any images, please contact Tufts Archival Research Center using the feedback link in this exhibit.