Another Light on the Hill Black Students at Tufts


A capella group Essence perform at Parent's Weekend reception, 2005

This exhibit is centered around the work of Professor Gerald Gill (1948-2007). Professor Gill joined the history department at Tufts University as an assistant professor of American history in the fall of 1980 and taught at Tufts for the next twenty seven years. In addition to his teaching and service to the community, which were recognized with formal awards inside and outside of the University, Professor Gill conducted pioneering research on African American experiences at Tufts.

The first Another Light on the Hill exhibit, a project celebrating black history at Tufts University, was staged in 1988 and re-staged twice more between 1988 and 2002.

Using a draft of Professor Gill's "Another Light on the Hill" manuscript, this online exhibit seeks to pay homage to his work and extend his vision to tell the story of black experience at Tufts University from the school's founding through to the present.

Navigating this Exhibit

The Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) has purposefully and specifically maintained the voice and stylistic choices of Professor Gill's original manuscript, a digitized version of which can be viewed in the Tufts Digital Library. Each timeline page from the time of the school's founding until 1990 contains a quote directly from the manuscript, as well as related images and additional text supplied by DCA.

The project undertaken in this exhibit is significant, both in topic and in extent. As such, updates will be made to exhibit items, text, structure, and content on a rolling basis. Please visit the about pages for more information.