Another Light on the Hill Black Students at Tufts

About this exhibit

This digital exhibit is built on the work of Professor Gerald Gill (1948-2007) First exhibited in 1988, the Another Light on the Hill exhibit sought to tell the often-overlooked story of black alumni. The physical exhibit was staged three separate times before 2002 when Professor Gill wrote a version of Another Light on the Hill manuscript for publication in Tufts Magazine. A portion of the Another Light on the Hill exhibit is on permanent display at the Africana Center at Tufts University.

Most of the resources from the original exhibits were drawn from archival collections held by Digital Collections and Archives (DCA) at Tufts University. In 2007 DCA began a collaboration with Professor Gill to recreate the physical exhibit as a permanent digital exhibit. This work ceased when Professor Gill passed away suddenly in July 2007.

DCA has purposefully and specifically maintained the voice and stylistic choices of Professor Gill's manuscript. All quoted sections in this exhibit are verbatim. You can read the original manuscript in its entirety in the Tufts Digital Library.

Tufts students, alumni, and faculty interested in participating in further contributing to this exhibit are encouraged to contact Tufts Digital Collections and Archives

Mary Goode, a student in the Continuing Education Program for Urban Women, 1974

Credits and Acknowledgements

Quotes attributed to "Gill, Another Light on the Hill" were written by Gerald Gill and taken, verbatim, from an undated manuscript.

The exhibit was built and written by Sari Mauro, Digital Collections Project Manager at Tufts University, Digital Collections and Archives with assistance from Alejandra Garcia (A2019) in 2017.

Digital Collections and Archives is grateful to Ayanna Gill for donating the Gerald R. Gill Papers to DCA in 2016, the event that led to the creation of this exhibit. DCA would also like to thank Jeanne Penvenne and Beatrice Manz of the Department of History, Boris Hassleblatt, and Kendra Field of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy for their assistance in acquiring the Gill papers.