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Muriel Simonson: The life of a student at Jackson College 1924-1929

Campus and Social Life

Muriel, who was known affectionately as 'Mac,' and her classmates organized and participated in an astounding number of social events on campus reflecting a time when young women were more involved in breaking everyday gender barriers and participating in social events than in organizing politically.

In the 1920s, formal dances were fashionable and were organized by classes, dorms, sororities, fraternities, or faculty wives as were dinners, teas, bridge-parties, and class events.


Like many schools, Jackson College was not immune to hazing rituals. In the 1920s Jackson College freshman were obliged to wear a large green button over their heart from the beginning of the year up until Thanksgiving (this later gave way to green hair ribbons in 1931. But green decoration was not the only hazing ritual for Jackson freshman.

In 1910 the students of Jackson held the first "baby party" put on by the college sophomores. Muriel's sophomore class in 1925 was probably the last one to dress up as Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members roving around campus

"keeping order with every mop-handle the Hill afforded. ... The Frosh, all dressed as babies were guided, blind-folded, through the locker aisles of the gymnasium, here each babe received her due ... Whether it was tar and feathers, paddling, drenching, or just plain scaring, the poor relations, the Juniors, and their venerable grand-parents, the Seniors, could not make out from their seats in the balcony."

– Tufts Weekly, May 13, 1925

Sports & Student Organizations

Next to her academic and theater achievements, Muriel was also a member of Sigma Kappa (1925-1929), Omicron, and the Pan-Hellenic Association of Jackson College. She served on the Student Council in 1929 and was in the Freshmen Field Hockey Team and Class Athletics in 1925/26 and a member of the Varsity Field Hockey Team in 1927.