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The MacJannet Legacy Exploring the ideas of leadership, international understanding, and education through the lives and work of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet.

Audio Clips

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Biography of Donald and Charlotte MacJannet

Listen to Donald MacJannet speak about his Father.

Hear the story of Donald's childhood and more.

Listen to the story of Irene Waters MacJannet and her family.

Hear the story of Donald's early working life.

Listen here to hear the story of Charlotte's father's family.

Hear the story of the maternal side of Charlotte's family.

Charlotte on studying at the Dalcroze Institute in Geneva in her own words.

Listen to Charlotte on her year after Geneva.

Charlotte's time in Sweden: listen.

Listen here to the story of the Blensdorfschüle and the course for certifying teachers of the Dalcroze method.

Listen to Charlotte's time in England.

Donald and Charlotte meet, listen here.

Hear Donald tell the story of meeting Charlotte.

Hear Donald's story of Charlotte coming to camp.

The story of the wedding in Charlotte's words.

Hear about Donald's trip into Germany 1945.

Story of Donald finding Charlotte's parents.

The Prieuré

Charlotte describes the state of the Priory

Listen to the story of the Italian workers.

Hear the story of the Prieuré floor

The Camp

Hear Donald speak on starting the camp.

Listen here to camp life.

Listen to the story of the camp during the war.

The School

Hear Jean's version of the time in Germany.

Listen to Donald speak about 1920.

Donald on the opening of the school.

Hear Jean speak about the school.


Listen to Donald on leadership.

Listen to Donald on inspiring trust.

Donald on his life and legacy.

Donald on his educational philosophy.