Somerville/Cambridge Latino Community History Project

Student Reports by Topic


“The Evolution of the Latino Community in Cambridge, Massachusetts” by Andrew Hara, Ariana Flores, Galen Maze and Radhika Thakkar, Spring 2002


“Religion and Community among Somerville Latinos” by Spencer Hickock with Vicente Cruz, Fall 2004

Business and Economic Concerns

“Latina Buisness Owners in Cambridge, MA” by Meredith Green, Spring 2003

“The Latino Business Community in Somerville, MA” by David Pistrang and Emily Chasan, Fall 2003

“Latinos in the Economy of Cambridge” by Rachel Long and Richard Nightingale, Spring 2002

“Somerville’s beauty salons: unique spaces of lingustic development” by Caroline Kokulis and Elizabeth Sheehan, 2010

Sports, Arts, Culture

“Latino Cultural Expression in Cambridge” by Brigid Brannigan, L. Sean Kennedy, and Annery Miranda, Spring 2002

Political and Civic Engagement

“A History of Human and Civil Rights in the Somerville Latino Community” by Lindsey Nicholson and Adrienne Van Nieuwenhuizen, Fall 2004

“The Movers and Shakers of Cambridge, Massachusetts” by John Keogh and Kathleen Flahive, May 2002

Health, Education, Language, and Family Issues

“Somerville Women’s Stories” by Rebecca Hayes, Fall 2006.

“Coming of Age in Somerville” by Avantika Taneja, Fall 2004