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The Poet's Work: The John Holmes Collection

This is this world,

the kingdom I was

looking for

– John Homes "Holiday, with Gods. 1960


By Greg Colati, University Archivist

Welcome. John Holmes devoted his career both to writing poetry and teaching his students about poetry. In creating this web site, we have tried to follow his example, by not only presenting his poetry, but embedding it into the context of the poet's world, life, and words. Enjoy exploring this site, there is much to see and do, it comes to us through the generosity, hard work and creativity of many individuals.

I would like to especially thank Winslow H. Duke (A'53) for his generous financial support for this project. If, as Holmes said, a poet "delights and swaggers and swims in words," then we thank Win Duke for giving everyone an opportunity to test the waters.